The IUC now offers 3 Degree Programs: In addition to our one year Master of Laws (LLM) and a two year Master of Science Degree (MSc), we now offer the Inter-University MSc, a joint program between the IUC, the University of Turin, and the University of Eastern Piedmont

The Institute aims to foster a research-based forum for innovative collaboration and consultant research by emerging and established scholars and practitioners from diverse geography, ideology and disciplinary perspectives to address the growing challenges facing the hegemony of global liberalism.

The IUC has offered over the years more than 100 scholarships for its LLM and MSc programs to students from the five continents representative of a diverse range of disciplines and cultural backgrounds. IUC Students have found job placement in international organizations, law firms, policy institutions and Universities all over the world.

Seminars & Events

Please join the 20-th Common Core of European Private Law Conference, in Turin, on November 14-15 2014. The program and registration form are available at


My Mobility Mentor: Legal counselling for Romanian and Bulgarian citizens at the IUC law clinic - Servizio di consulenza legale per cittadini romeni e bulgari presso la clinica legale dell'IUC


Applications for the upcoming 2015-2016 LLM Program are open until May 15-th 2015. View here the details.

Convegno: I risultati della ricerca "Osservatorio sulla giurisprudenza del Giudice di Pace in materia di immigrazione", Roma Tre, 4-5 dic 2014
The seminar will take place on Wednesday,July 9th 2014, at the Campus Luigi Einaudi, in Turin, followed by a Lecture by professors Gunter Frankenberg, Ugo Mattei, Paulus Blokker.