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Betwixt and Between: Turin’s CIE

The Betwixt and Between Conference: A Unique Public Meeting on Human Rights and Turin’s Immigration Detention Centre
On Friday 7 December 2012 the International University College of Turin held a public meeting to present and discuss the September 2012 report “Betwixt and Between: Turin’s CIE. A human rights investigation into Turin’s immigration detention centre”. This report was the result of the CIE Research Project:a striking interview-based human rights inquiry into the conditions of detention in Turin’s immigration detention centre and the legal and administrative processes and procedures relating to detention.
The 7 December 2012 public meeting presented a unique opportunity for academics, ex-detainees, politicians, lawyers, the judiciary, the Red Cross CIE administration, the Questura Immigration Office, NGOs, Trade Unions, migrants associations and civil society to discuss the application of human rights law in relation to immigration detention in Turin.
We would like to thank all of the participants who attended this event and actively participated in the discussion. We note a special thank you to the following keynote speakers:
•    Prof. Ugo Mattei, International University College, University of Turin and University of California, Hastings
•    Dr.ssa Emanuela Roman, Ms Carla Landri and Ms Margherita Mini, former 2011/2012 Human Rights and Migration Law Clinic students and contributing researchers and authors of the Betwixt and Between report
•    Dr.ssa Rosanna Lavezzaro, Head of the Immigration Office of Turin’s Questura
•    Col. Antonio Baldacci, Italian Red Cross, Director of Turin’s immigration detention centre
•    Dr. Alberto Polotti di Zumaglia, Coordinator of the Immigration Section of Turin’s Giudici di Pace (administrative “justice of the peace” tribunal)
•    Dr.ssa Maria Cristina Contini and Dr.ssa Gabriella Ratti, Judges of the I Civil Section of Turin’s local Court (I Sezione Civile del Tribunale di Torino)
•    Avv. Lorenzo Trucco, President of the Associazione per gli Studi Giuridici sull'Immigrazione (Turin’s professional network of immigration lawyers)
•    Avv. Maurizio Veglio and Mr Ulrich Stege, lecturers at the International University College, Human Rights and Migration Law Clinic and ASGI lawyers
This conference represented an important turning point in promoting open and public discussion about the practices and procedures surrounding immigration detention in Italy.
The program for the conference is available here.

The CIE Research Project  is part of the Human Rights and Migration Law Clinic, a clinical legal training program run by the International University College of Turin in cooperation with the Associazione Studi Giuridici sull’Immigrazione (ASGI) and the Faculties of Law of the University of Turin and the Eastern Piedmont University in Alessandria.
In order to evaluate the application of human rights law in Turin’s centre for identification and expulsion (Turin’s CIE), the CIE Research Project conducted first-hand interviews focusing on experiences of detention that occurred between January 2011 and June 2012 inside Turin’s CIE.
Betwixt and Between: Turin’s CIE documents individual and systemic human rights issues and barriers to access to justice that are faced by detainees, their families and people who have direct contact with the CIE in a professional or voluntary capacity.
The study discovered a disturbing disconnect between the word of international, European and Italian law and the reality of judicial and legal processes surrounding the administrative detention of migrants. Moreover, the report provides a detailed analysis of the conditions of detention inside Turin’s CIE.
On 3 October 2012 the findings in Betwixt and Between: Turin’s CIE were presented to the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Mr François Crépeau, at an expert meeting held at the European University Institute in Florence.
For further information about the Florence event, see:

Click here to download the PDF version of the report.

You can view here some articles published in the Italian newspapers La Repubblica and La Stampa on Nov 3 2012. Here you find the inteview (in Italian) by Michele Spanò.

Click here to download the Italian translation of some excerpts from “Betwixt and Between: Turin’s CIE”.

On 12 November 2012 the Human Rights and Migration Law Clinic interviewed the CIE RED Cross Director, two senior Questura Immigration Office representatives and one Prefettura representative regarding the findings of the September 2012 Betwixt and Between report. The following paper analyses the responses that were provided by CIE authorities during this interview.